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Our First Blog Post: A Fall & Winter Update

Local Grass Fed Beef Connecticut
Our First Calf at Hidden Blossom Farm | Born January 16th, 2019

It has been a very busy fall and start of winter for us at Hidden Blossom Farm. From Joe's initial arrival from the Adirondacks with the cows in August, he has been spending every spare moment building fence, clearing trees for a house and barn site, building a greenhouse, and ensuring that the cows have food and (thawed) water. I'm (with mixed feelings) writing this first update from my small apartment in Cambridge, Massachusetts. After a painful six months of job hunting within my limited field, I managed to finally find a job. While the job is ideal - the location is not. I'm hoping to make up for my lost time at the farm working on the marketing side of things during my work weeks in the city.

Despite my absence, things are moving full-speed ahead thanks to Joe. This is the second farm that he has started from the ground up - which makes things run a tad bit smoother. He managed to build most of the fencing on the property within a matter of weeks. Thankfully, the cows had a comfortable paddock over at his generous parents' home in Harwinton, CT. The cows arrived in Union just in time to enjoy a bit of early fall grazing.

After the bulk of the fencing was finished, Joe began working on assembling the greenhouse that we successfully moved down from his old farm in the Adirondacks. While it was too late to plant greens for the winter, we needed a place to store some equipment and have a warm place for early calves to escape cold winter nights. With the help of our friend Steve, we were able to re-build it with relative ease.

In less exciting but incredibly practical news - we managed to dig the driveway before the ground completely froze! With our dreams to build our home and barn on top of the hill, we knew that the driveway was going to be a long and expensive task. While it doesn't look very pretty at the moment, we are so glad that it's complete.

My favorite update to share with you all is the arrival of the first Hidden Blossom Farm calf, Patch! He was born January 14th, 2019 and was quickly welcomed by the coldest weather we've had yet. Thankfully, Joe was able to make a home for him in the greenhouse for a few nights (see first photo above).

Our newest calf Patch | Settling in nicely with the rest of the gang!

We are currently in the process of clearing land for the house and barn site. Joe purchased a (small) chainsaw that I can use, so I am slowly building up the courage to help him trim up some of the brush. We also just found out that we will have electricity this week! Next steps: securing a new construction mortgage so that we can dig a foundation this spring. We also hope to begin the first round of planting for late spring produce. Our goal for this summer as we focus on building a home is to have a small farm stand on the property. We may also look into attending some local events and markets. For now, follow us on our Facebook and Instagram for more recent updates.

Live in Union? We'd love to meet you! Feel free to reach out via our "Contact Form" or email us at and introduce yourself.

Need firewood? We have LOADS! Selling log length firewood at $50/cord. All hardwood cut this winter. Contact us for more information.

Lindsay & Joe

Grass Fed Beef in Connecticut
Joe making sure the cow's water source isn't frozen | Followed by Bonnie

Me learning how to use my new chainsaw | Yes I am wearing chaps!

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